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Finding contact details for a manufacturer or supplier can be difficult, even in the age of Google and voice activated assistants such as Siri and Cortana. There are some companies out there that do a fantastic job of providing the levels of customer service that many consumers have now come to expect in the age of instant complaints on social media, unfortunately the majority do still not have one easy to find set of contact details. This problem is then compounded if you are looking to make enquiries with several different firms. Many people have whiled away their hard earned Sunday afternoons tracing multiple sellers in a vain bid to try and arrange a holiday, return unwanted Xmas presents, or renew their car insurance, to name just a few examples. Often this can end in frustration when you are being passed between different call centres, only to find that the person you need is only available Monday - Friday. When the promised call back never comes, where do you turn to? At we have the answer, it's really quite simple. We are the one stop shop for all of the nation's contact details. Whether you are looking for a bank to take out your first mortgage, to renew your car insurance, or to return some clothes that don't fit your tastes, we are the team to help you get in touch with the person you need to speak to. Simply type in the name of the store or establishment that you want to contact, and in an instant our system will show you all of the possible ways in which you can make first contact. If you want to write a letter or return some goods, we will have the postal address of the relevant departments for you to quickly and easily address your mail.

If you would like real-time tech or customer support, then we will provide you with the links to the relevant chat windows. No more clicking around on your bank's website trying to find where they have moved the out of hours support chats after they have redesigned their website yet again. If you would like to go direct and talk to someone in person to get things moving, we will list all of the relevant phone numbers. All broken down by subject matter or department to make things as easy for you as possible. We are proud to say that we are always on the side of the consumer. So as well as providing you with exactly the contact information you need, we will also provide you with a choice of contact numbers for each company you want to get in touch with. Millions of people spend hours every year sat on hold listening to music played over expensive 08 numbers, all the while racking up bills without even realising. This can be particularly annoying when after 20 minutes the line drops, you are just offered a call back the next day as the department you need is unavailable, or you simply don't get the help that you need. That's why we also list all of the cheaper numbers that providers are legally obliged to provide, but that many people don't know about. We not only save you time and effort in tracking down the relevant contact details, we will also save you money by highlighting the cheaper phone tariffs.

So next time you need to contact a company, make your first thought. We continuously update all of the details on our system, so even if your bank or travel tour operator changes the layout of their website, redirects their phone network, or moves premises, you can rest assured that you won't have to search around trying to check if you have the latest contact information. Just a couple clicks is all it will take, and you'll be in touch with the right person in no time so that you can get the help and information that you need.

We are expanding every day, all with the aim of saving consumers time and effort, so you can spend your life doing the things that matter. Try us today, and see first hand how you can save time by searching for the details you need, all through one simple and easy to use platform. Say goodbye to hours spent Googling and calling, get all the relevant information in one place, no matter the company you need to contact. No one wants to spend their free time trying to find a phone number, so let us do the hard work for you.

Many consumers will know all too well the unexpected costs that you can incur by calling an 0845 customer service line. With high tariffs charged onto of your standard line charge, these numbers can be far from the well-meaning points of contact they first appear. Fortunately there has been a major development in recent years as to how business phone lines are regulated.

In June 2014 it became no longer legal for transport companies and retailers to use premium 0845 numbers for their customer support hotlines. Millions of people had long complained about this extortionate practice, and so after mounting public pressure legislation was passed. This is a trend that is continuing at a pace: in October 2015 all financial institutions in the UK, such as banks and building societies, were legally ordered to stop using premium rate 0845 numbers. This is clearly a step in the right direction, but it will still take many years for every number in the UK to be forced to convert from the expensive 0845 premium rate lines, to rates that consumers can reasonably be expected to pay when they contact a company or organisation. So in the meantime, what should you do? The answer is to make use of 0345 numbers.

These are the lines that the vast majority of businesses who have already been mandated to move away from 0845 lines, have already moved to. Many businesses who are yet to be legally pushed to do so already have them, so you can avoid paying premium rates in far more instances than you may have first thought. You just need to know what they are, and where to find them.

An important point to note is that an 0345 number is not 100% free. There are charges associated with calling them, but these are significantly lower than their premium rate 0845 predecessors. This small charge is essential, and largely covers the manning of the phones, and maintenance of the existing infrastructure. So whilst you still have to pay a little bit, they are certainly not the purely for profit services that were prevalent before. There are also a number of ways in which you can call a 0345 number for free which we will get to shortly. There is a stringent set of regulations and laws in place that prevent the high or unreasonable charging of fees for dialling a 0345 number. Any call from a UK landline cannot be charged any higher than a standard geographic number. Geographic numbers start with a 01 or 02, and you will most commonly encounter them when dialling the house phone of a friend or neighbour. The second advantage 0345 numbers have over premium rate lines, is that any calls to them from a UK landline must be included in any existing discount package related to that landline. So for example: if you have free weekend and evening calls as part of your landline package, you can put your mobile to one side, and call the 0345 number after work, for free. For calls from your landline that are outside your free allocation of minutes for that day, week or month, please consult your phone provider for quantitative guidance on the likely charges.

As a guide, an 0345 number will charge you 10p per minute. This is still a sizeable discount on the rates millions face when calling premium rate lines, when prices can readily exceed GBP 1 per minute. Many organisations that are not yet legally mandated to change their phone lines, are now in fact replacing their 0845 lines before legislation is inevitably passed forcing them to do so. Unfortunately many are doing a poor job of communicating this to their customers, so premium rate lines are still very much in use by millions of consumers. The vast majority of number changes only involve replacing 0845, with 0345, the rest of the number remains identical. So to start saving money today, all you have to do is swap a single digit. To find the 0345 number for any business or organisation that you need to contact, we have created A one stop, all-inclusive platform where you can search for any number that you need in no time at all. Say goodbye to Googling around for a low rate customer support number, only to admit defeat and spend what seems like hours on hold on a premium rate line. Bookmark today and start saving time and money.